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Brihaspati Puja in Shravan Month

Brihaspati Puja is a special puja and ritual performed by some Hindu communities on Thursdays in the month of Shravan in Maharashtra. In 2019, Shravan month in Marathi calendar begins on August 1 and ends on August 30.

Brihaspati Puja 2019 dates in Shravan month are:
  • August 1,
  • August 8, 
  • August 15,
  • August 22
  • August 29 
Brihaspati, known as Jupiter, is the Guru of the Devas and is also the presiding deity of Thursday. Brihaspati Puja is performed for wisdom and knowledge.

Some people observe fast on all the Thursday's in a month or year to appease Brihaspati. This is usually based on horoscope – to avoid the bad effects of Brihaspati Graha.

Please note that the Shravan month in North India begins on July 17 and ends on August 1.

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