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Where To Keep Money Plant Inside The House? – Money Plant Direction In Home As Per Vastu

Money Plant, Epipremnum aureum, is associated with Vastu in Hinduism. Even though the plant is not a native of India, people believe it helps in improving the financial situation. So, where to keep money plant inside the house? The direction in home as per Vastu is southeast.

Southeast corner is the Agneya disha – the direction associated with Ganesha.

The plant should never be kept in the northeast corner.

If you believe in Vastu, then the plant is better kept inside the house and not outside. It can be kept in a pot or bottle.

The old and yellow leaves of the plant should be removed before falling on the ground.

The plant should not be pulled out and thrown. It should be only trimmed.

No idea whether the plant can change financial luck of a home; but it sure can remove indoor pollutants.