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Story of Vaitala, Son of Shiva

Story of Vaitala, son of Shiva, is found in the Shiva Purana. The story begins with a game of dice. Shiva is defeated by Goddess Parvati in a game of dice. Unable to fathom the defeat, Shiva retires to the forest. Goddess Parvati taunts Shiva by appearing before him in the guise of a voluptuous woman.

Shiva is overpowered by lust and requests to marry him. But she refuses and disappears.

Shiva now roams around the forest searching for the woman. She meets an ordinary woman named Savitri and mistakes her for the voluptuous woman. He requests her to marry him. However, Savitri scolds him and curses him to be born as an ordinary man on earth.

A king, an ardent devotee of Shiva, was childless. He did intense penance to have a child. Shiva blessed him with a child. He himself was born as his son.

He was named Chandrashekhara. When he grew up, he got married to Goddess Taravati, who was a manifestation of Mother Goddess Parvati.

They had three children.

Once while Taravati was taking bath, a sage happened to see her. He was enamored by her heavenly beauty. He wanted to make love with her but she was not willing to make love to the sage.

Taravati in order to avoid the anger of the sage, requested for some time. She asked her sister Chitrangada to make love to the Sage.

Chitrangada took the sage as her husband and they had two children.

But once the Sage happened to see Taravati and Chitrangada together and realized that he was deceived.

He cursed Taravati that Shiva will make love to her in his terrifying Kapalika form and she will have two-monkey faced sons.

Taravati, who was Goddess Parvati, once happened to see Shiva. She could not find any difference between her husband and Shiva. She lost her senses and she made love to Shiva in Kapalika form.

When Taravati got back her senses, she was disgusted and ashamed of what had happened.

Lord Shiva then appeared before her and explained to her that he was her husband Chandrashekhara and she was Goddess Parvati.

Taravati then gave birth to two monkey-faced sons named Bhairava and Vaitala.

They took to meditation and retired to the forest when young.

Shiva pleased with their devotion appointed them as the chieftains of his devotees and blessed them with immortality.