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Sixteen Names of Ganesha for Chanting

Sixteen Important Names of Lord Ganesha, which should be remembered and chanted daily, are:
  1. Om Sumukaya namaha
  2. Om Ekadhanthaya namaha
  3. Om Ganapathi namaha
  4. Om Gaja Karnakaya namaha
  5. Om Lambodharaya namaha
  6. Om Vikataya namaha
  7. Om Vigneshwaraya namaha
  8. Om Vignarajaya namaha
  9. Om Ganadhithapathaye namaha
  10. Om Dhoomakethave namaha
  11. Om Ganadhyakshaya namaha
  12. Om Balachandraya namaha
  13. Om Gajananaya namaha
  14. Om Vakrathundaya namaha
  15. Om Soorpakarnaya namaha
  16. Om Herambaya namaha
Chanting them daily will help in keeping the mind calm and stress free.