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Gandhari Quotes From Mahabharata

A small collection of quotes of Queen Gandhari from the Mahabharata.

One who is not in control of his senses does not keep his kingdom for long.

Greed and anger drag a man away from his profits; defeating these two enemies a king conquers earth.

He who desires greatness should subject his senses to Law and Profit.

A man’s spirit grows when he subdues his senses, as a fire grows by burning kindling wood.

When senses are not firmly ruled the lead easily to ruin, as unruly, unchecked horses lead an inept charioteer astray.

Lust and anger in the body rip reason to pieces, like two big fish caught in a fine-meshed net.

The king who knows how to conquer lust, anger, greed bombast and pride conquers the earth.

Gandhari's advice to his son Duryodhana in the Mahabharata.