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Sixteen Names of Ganesha for Chanting

Sixteen Important Names of Lord Ganesha, which should be remembered and chanted daily, are: Om Sumukhaya namah Om Ekadantaya namah Om Ganapataye namah Om Gajakaranakaaya namah Om Lambodaraya namah Om Vikataya namah Om Vigneshwaraya namah Om Vignarajaya namah Om Ganadhithapathaye namah Om Dhoomakethave namah Om Ganadhyakshaya namah Om Balachandraya namah Om Gajananaya namah Om Vakratundaya namah Om Soorpakarnaya namah Om Herambaya namah Chanting them daily will help in keeping the mind calm and stress free. It is also chanted for desire fulfillment and for solving problems related to career and relationship.

Vishnudharmottara Purana Quotes

A small collection of quotes from Vishnudharmottara Purana. King Vajra asks his teacher Sage Markandeya, “how can one depict in an image, the Supreme Being who is devoid of form, smell and emotion; and destitute of sound and touch?” Sage Markandeya explains, “the entire universe should be understood as the modification (vikriti) of the formless (prakriti). The worship and meditation of the Supreme is possible for an ordinary being only when the formless is endowed with a form; and that form is full of significance” “The qualities that we admire in a divine being are within us. And, when we worship the images that personify such attributes, we awaken those divine aspects latent in us. When we are filled by that grace, there is no space left for base desires and pain; we have become that deity.”