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Children Should Be Made To Realize That They Cannot Be Happy All The Time

There is no eternal happiness or endless cheerfulness. Children should be made to realize that they cannot be happy all the time. They need to learn to deal with other emotions. They should have better control over all emotions. Parents who always keep children in comfort zones are in reality damaging their future life. One fine day they are pushed out of the comfort zone and asked to deal with all forms of negative emotions. This is when they become depressed or go wayward. Amrithakadeshwarar Temple At Melakadambur - Tamil Nadu - India   To achieve deeper happiness we need to go through all emotions – sadness, disgust, fear, anger and frustration. We need to accept them and deal with them. For well-being throughout life, children should be allowed to face all forms of emotions. They should be made to realize that not everything is wonderful. They should be prepared to identify, understand, interpret and respond constructively to all forms of situations and emotions. Such chil