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How to do or Perform Angarki Chaturthi Vrat? – Ganesh Angarika Chaturthi Fasting Procedure?

Angarki Chaturthi Vrat is dedicated to Ganesha. The significance of Ganapati Angarika Chaturthi Vrat is that it happens when the fourth day of a lunar calendar falls on Tuesday. Fasting procedure is given in detail below. Dos and don’ts and the method to perform the vrat to get blessing of Ganesh is also explained. Tuesday is associated with Vinayaka and it is considered highly meritorious to offer puja, vrat and worship on the day. Pujas and vrat performed to Ganesh gets the results immediately. The Procedure The main fasting is from sunrise to till the sighting of moon or moonrise as per the calendar of your region. Offer prayers to Ganesha in the morning and evening. Start the puja with the mantra गं गणपतये नम : Always do a simple puja avoid complicated rituals. Chant mantras dedicated to Ganesha throughout the day. Listen to stories. You can consume fruits or eat food made using Sabudana. Evening Puja Modak is prepared as Prasad. 21 Modak is usually offere

Yoga to Reduce Stomach Fat and Weight Loss – Agnisar Kriya

Agnisar Kriya is a Yoga technique, which helps in reducing weight loss. This is achieved through reducing stomach fat. Belly fat is an important reason for several health problems and this Yoga posture helps to reduce it. Agnisar Kriya is an exercise directed towards the stomach. The body parts that benefit from this yoga technique are: Stomach                    Liver Large intestine         Small intestine Pancreas                    Gall bladder Kidney                      Uterus Ovary                          Prostate gland Adrenal gland Benefits of Agnisar Kriya It cures Digestion problems             Menstrual problems Constipation Gas                Urinary disorder Indigestion                           Intestine weaknesses Loss of appetite                   Regular practice of Agnisar Kriya helps in   Diabetes              Obesity Bad health in spite of taking good food Increase of energy Who should not do agnisar kriya?