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Story of Unakoti in Tripura

Unakoti in Tripura is an ancient place of worship associated with Shiva in Tripura in India. The story of the place famous for huge rock cut carvings is very interesting. Unakoti story is associated with a visit of Shiva to Kashi. Unakoti means one less than a crore (ten million). Koti means crore. Legend has it that Shiva was traveling through the area along with one crore gods and goddesses. The coterie was on their way to Kashi (Benares). They decided to spend the night at the present day Unakoti. He had asked the gods and goddesses to wake up before sunrise and proceed to Kashi. But none of the gods and goddesses woke up except for Lord Shiva. An angry Shiva then cursed the gods and goddesses to become stone images. It is believed that there are 9999999 stone images and carvings in Unakoti. As Shiva had left one image is missing. Kalu Kamar and Unakoti Another story revolves around one Kalu Kamar, the famous sculptor. He was assigned the task to build a c

Yamghant Yog

Yamghant Yog is a bad and inauspicious yog as per Hindu astrology. The combination of following days and nakshatra creates Yamghant Yog. Sunday and Magha; Monday and Vishaka; Tuesday and Ardra; Wednesday and Mool; Thursday and Krittika; Friday and Rohini; Saturday and Hasta. All auspicious activities should be avoided in this yog. Journey should not be done during this yog.