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Thursday Puja – Rituals – and Fasting in Hindu Religion for Having Children

Thursday, Guruvar or Brihaspativar, is associated with Brihaspati and Lord Vishnu. Those couple not having children finds relief after observing puja and fasting dedicated to Navgraha Brihaspati and Vishnu on Thursday. Brihaspati is also known as Guru and is a highly beneficial graha or planet as per Hindu astrology. On a Thursday, during the waxing phase of the moon, one should wash leaf of the banyan tree and make a swastika symbol using kumkum powder. A small amount of rice and an areca nut should be placed on top of it. This should be given at a nearby temple. Fasting from sunrise to sunset dedicated to Vishnu and Brihaspati on Thursday is highly meritorious. Simple puja and a yellow color naivedya or Prasad should be prepared. Wearing yellow color clothes on Thursday and donating yellow color clothes, food items or dal (lentils) on the day earns merit. Feeding a cow with two roti (chapati) along with channa and a pinch of turmeric helps in alleviating the misfortune of n

Mace of Hanuman – Symbolism and Significance of the Gada or Club of Hanuman

Mace of Hanuman is a symbol of authority and physical strength. It is also a symbol of destroyer of evil. It smashes and removes Adharma and ushers in Dharma. The main significance of Hanuman’s mace is that it symbolizes power, which protects Dharma. Mace is also referred to as Gada or Club. It is made using wood, stone, iron, or other metals. There is also deep symbolism in the positioning of Mace. When Hanuman stands or sits holding the mace upright in his hand above his shoulders, he is unhappy with the current situation. Adharma is being practiced. He will use the mace to set the house in order and usher in peace and prosperity. It is also a warning sign to practitioners of evil. When the mace is lowered with the tip pointing downwards, it means there is order on earth. Hanuman has defeated Adharma. When the mace is resting by the side and Hanuman is meditating on Bhagavan Sri Ram, it means there is peace and prosperity all around. Dharma is being followed.