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Hindu Blog Quotes On Ego – Peace – Adharma And More

A collection of quotes on ego, peace, adharma from Hindu blog. The quotes are from the experience of the blog owner. For peace in life, lead a righteous life. They achieve success who try fail, try again fail again and try till they succeed. Adharma flourishes because we tolerate it. Ego creates an illusion. And the illusion destroys relationships. Ego creates a sense of invincibility. But change is a constant reality. It is only a matter of time before our ego comes crashing down. Arrogance, ignorance and lack of true knowledge open the gates of destruction. Change is a constant part of life. Trying to control our environment and stopping changes will only cause conflicts. Move away from society defined perfection. Embrace our imperfections; those might be our unique gifts and strengths. If we really want to live the life we want then stop seeking the approval of others. It takes courage to move out of the comfort zone and do something that we truly l