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Goddess Sheetla – Information About Shitala Mata

In Hinduism, Goddess Shitala, or Sheetala Mata, is considered an aspect of Shakti. Popularly she is the Hindu goddess of smallpox in North India and is known to spread the dreaded disease and cure it. In rural India , she is also considered as an incarnation of Goddess Parvati and Durga, which are two forms of Shakti. Goddess Shitala is popular as Mariamman in Tamil Nadu. She is undoubtedly one of the most popular rural deities and her origin can be traced to the days of Nature Worship. Legend has it that Goddess Shitala wears a red-colored dress and rides around the villages in North India on a donkey (ass) and inflicting people with the dreaded pox – small pox, chicken pox etc. Symbolically, she represents Nature’s power of generating viruses causing disease and Nature’s healing power and is of tribal origin. She is depicted having four hands. In her four hands she carries a silver broom, winnow fan, small bowl and a pitcher with Gangajal, holy water from River Ganga

Story of Kamdev as son of Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi

There are numerous stories in Hindu Puranas and scriptures regarding the birth of Kamdev. As per one narration, Kamdev is the son of Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. Before the union of Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi, pleasure was unknown to living beings. When Lakshmi and Vishnu became one and they created Kamdev, the lord of pleasure. Kamdev went around the world showing living beings world of joy. With his arrival, living beings began to see delight in nature.