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Why is Hanuman the Greatest God of Kali Yuga?

He is Sankat Mochan – one who relieves all the troubles of his devotees. Hanuman worship is on the rise and more and more people are visiting his shrines in the Kali Yuga. There are many reasons as to why Hanuman is the greatest god of Kali Yuga. All Navgrahas are indebted to Him All the Navgrahas and nakshatras are indebted to him. He has the blessings of them all. Therefore, those devotees who are having trouble in horoscope related to grahas and nakshatras get relief after offering prayers to Hanuman. The best example is the long queue that we see on Tuesdays and Saturdays in Hanuman temples. Those facing trouble due to the bad positioning of Shani in their horoscope get immediate relief after worshipping Hanuman on Saturday. Similarly, those having trouble due to Mangal Grah get relief by offering prayers on Tuesday. He is Lord of Air He is Pavan Putra – son of wind. Life on earth depends on air and thus he is one who has the capacity to alleviate ailments. Hanuman is

Chennimalai Murugan Temple near Perundurai in Erode, Tamil Nadu

Chennimalai Murugan Temple is located around 3 km from Perundurai and is around 26 km from Erode in Tamil Nadu. The shrine is dedicated to Lord Muruga. The original shrine was built more than 3000 years ago. Legend has it that a black cow used to shed milk on a particular spot daily. The owner of the cow grew suspicious and got the place dug up. They discovered 5ft murti of Lord Muruga. It was later installed in a nearby hill. The upper portion of the murti is smooth and the lower portion is rough. When attempts were made to smooth the lower portion, it is said that blood appeared on the murti. Legend has it that a king who was suffering due to the killing of innocent people got relief after offering prayers at the shrine. Saint Saravana Munivar wrote about the greatness of the place and it is believed that Lord Muruga appeared before him and blessed him here. A uniqueness of the shrine is that Puja is first offered here to Muruga and then to Lord Ganesha. In all other