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Somvati Panchami

Somvati Panchami is an auspicious date associated with Hindu religion and it occurs when Panchami or the fifth day of a fortnight in Hindu calendar falls on Monday. Somvati Panchami 2017 date is September 25. 
The day is considered highly auspicious to perform pujas and rituals for prosperity.
Some people observe a fast on the day for the well being of the family and for wish fulfillment.
Prayers on the day are mainly dedicated to Shiva, Ganesh and Nagas (serpent gods).

Ekadashi April 2017 date – Ekadasi Monthly Fasting for Vishnu in April 2017

Dedicated to Hindu God Vishnu, Ekadashi Vrat is observed on the eleventh day of a fortnight in a Hindu lunar calendar. Ekadashi dates in April 2017 – April 7 and April 22/23. Fasting from sunrise to next day morning sunrise is generally observed by many Hindus. Some observe the fast from the start time of Ekadasi Tithi and break the fast at the beginning of Dwadasi Tithi.

April 7, 2017 Ekadasi is known as Kamada Ekadashi Vrat.

The April 22/23 Ekadasi is known as Varuthuni Ekadasi Vrat.

The Ekadasi will be observed in most regions on April 23. Smarta tradition will observe it on April 22, 2017.

The preparation for Ekadashi fasting begins on the Dasami day – the day before Ekadasi. On the Ekadasi day, devotees observe complete fast. The day is meant for hearing religious discourses and performing pujas.
There are also devotees who do not observe total fast. They avoid grains especially rice and consume fruits, nuts and milk.
The fasting comes to an end on the Dwadashi day with the cons…

They who refused to stop at failure meet with success – Thoughts

For a happy life, never control anyone’s life.
When we value and appreciate others, it enhances their confidence and self-esteem. They then pass it on to others.
Everything in interconnected in this universe. From the dust to the distant star. How? They all are Supreme Truth.
Opportunities never end. However, we stop looking and blame on our bad fortune.
They meet with success who refused to stop at failure; they meet with success who overcame the thought of quitting; they meet with success who banished all thoughts of negativity. Abhilash