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Rudramsa Durga

Rudramsa Durga is one of the most popular forms of Durga worshipped in Hinduism. The name Rudramsa indicates that she incorporates in herself aspects of Rudra form of Lord Shiva. The Rudra form that is incorporated in Rudramsa Durga is that of the Shiva that created numerous spirits in anger to destroy those who had deviated from the path of Dharma. She is part of the Goddess Shakti worship.

Some scholars are also of the view that Rudramsa Durga is associated with Lord Shiva who is worshipped at Kedarnath in Uttarakhand. The form of Shiva that is worshipped in Kedarnath is that of a huge buffalo.

Rudramsa Durga is depicted as having dark-blue complexion – Shyamala. She has four arms and wears red-colored clothes – Rakthambhara. She wears gold ornaments and has a unique tapering crown, which is not part of many forms of Durga.

Rudramsa Durga carries in her hands sword, spear, conch and discus. She rides on a lion. In some portraits, sun and moon are depicted on her both sides.

Rudrachanda is another form of Durga that is associated with Rudra form of Lord Shiva and she is counted among the Navadurgas in certain scriptures. She is of yellow complexion and is seated on a lotus. She drives a chariot in the eastern direction.