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Tukaram Gatha in pdf – Download Poems of Sant Tukaram Maharaj in pdf format

Poems of the great Bhakti saint and poet Sant Tukaram Maharaj is known as Tukaram Gatha. Below is the link to the Tukaram Gatha in pdf and you can download it for free. Tukaram Gathas are famous for its wisdom and Bhakti towards the Supreme Being in the form of Lord Vitthal.

LinkTukaram Gatha in pdf

Sant Tukaram (1608-1649 CE) was one of the greatest saints of India, and as such he has influenced and is still influencing the devotional and spiritual world of people of Maharashtra.

Sant Tukaram was an ardent devotee of Lord Vitthal of Pandarpur. He began intensive studies of the writings of all Varkari saints right from Sant Jnandev to Sant Eknath. This strengthened his devotion towards Lord Vithal.

The most important aspect of the literary study had on Tukaram was that he could overcome his reclusiveness and began to mingle with people striving towards their upliftment.

Sant Tukaram’s poetry initiated an upheaval against casteism, diabolic religious practices, economic exploitation and other evils in society. People who were against his poems and teachings ganged up against him and they asked him to destroy all the poems by drowning them in River Indrayani that flows by Dehu.

But Lord Vitthal protected all the poems for thirteen days in the river and returned to him. All the poems were intact.

Symbolically it shows that truth cannot be destroyed. Despite all the might of his detractors, the poems continue to live. Bhakti of Sant Tukaram is every increasing.

The calamity that changed the life of Tukaram

Description of a great famine is found in the autobiographical abhangas of Tukaram. “I felt very miserable, he says; ' I lost father and mother; the famine dried up all our resources; my wife expired crying for food; I was ashamed to live, business and honour being lost Tukaram was rapidly transformed thereafter. He became more and more engaged in study and meditation. He assimilated the contents of all the sacred books he came across. He meditated on their teachings.