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Showing posts from July 30, 2015

Vooru Panduga at Nizamabad in Telangana

Vooru Panduga is observed on first Sunday at Nizamabad during the waning phase of moon in Ashada month (July – August) as per traditional Hindu lunar calendar followed in Telangana. People of the region organize it for a good harvest in the coming year. It is also observed for peace, prosperity and good health. in 2015, Vooru Panduga date is August 2. In Vooru Panduga, new murtis (idols) of Mother Goddess are created and installed at Goddess Saradamba temple in Nizamabad. The murtis are carved out of mango tree wood. The carving of murtis begin on the Tuesday before the Sunday when the festival is held. On Tuesday, village servants pour bandaru on streets. Village servants known as Kamdars receive the murti from the carpenters on Saturday. The murtis are then placed at the altar of Goddess Saradamb, at the footsteps of Indur fort in Nizamabad. On Sunday, the murtis are taken in a huge procession around the town. Thousands of devotees gather to witness the proc

Kalachakra in Hinduism

Kalachakra is the time wheel.  The term is mostly used in Hinduism to refer to the passage of time or time personified as mute witness. Time is perceived in form of a chakra or rotating wheel. Kalachakra is also associated with Kala (Yama – the Hindu god of death) and Rudra Shiva or one of his fierce forms that appear at the end of one cycle of creation to devour all animate and inanimate. Yama is associated with Kalachakra because for an individual his arrival marks transformation into another form. Kalchakra has no beginning or end. The rotation of Kalachakra continues forever.

Old-Age Home for Temple Elephants in Kerala

Aged elephants in Kerala will soon get an old-age home – a geriatric centre. The Travancore Devaswom Board (TDB), which manages a large number of Hindu Temples in southern Kerala including the Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple , will set up the geriatric care centre. DNA reports  Temple elephants, suffering from various age-related ailments, will be shifted to the geriatric care centre and given special care and treatment under trained mahouts and veterinarians. Kerala is home to a large number of captive elephants in India .   "The geriatric care centre is planned to be set up in Thiruvananthapuram or in central Kerala. We are planning to shift aged elephants, kept at TDB temples, to the new centre. They will be given scientific care and upkeep there," Devaswom Commissioner P Venugopal said.