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Photo Tour of Bullet Temple in Rajasthan

Believe it or not, BulletTemple at Chottila on National Highway 65 between Jodhpur and Pali in Rajasthan, is dedicated to an Enfield Bullet bike and to Om Banna. Om Singh Rathore, popularly known as Om Banna, died on the spot in an accident in 1991. His body was discovered the next day and police took the Enfield Bullet bike to the police station.

The bullet that was taken to the police station disappeared the night and was found in the same spot next morning. Police thought this was some mischief by the youth in the region and took it back gain to the station.
The bike again disappeared from the police station and was found in the same spot. This time police emptied the petrol tank and bound the Enfield bike with iron chains.
Next morning the bike was found in the same spot. Puzzled police gave back the bike to Om Banna’s relatives. The same routine was repeated and people in the village started hearing sounds of Enfield bike starting and moving around.
Fed up, the relatives sold th…

Jaladhi, the Vehicle of Varuna

Jaladhi, a crocodile, is the vehicle of Varuna, the Lord of the Seas in Hindu tradition. Information about Jaladhi is found in the Vamana Purana. It must be noted here that Makara, a crocodile is also the vehicle of Goddess Ganga (River Ganga).

Jaladhi is a black crocodile and Varuna rides on top of it. It is blessed with powers of movement through harsh waters.
Legend has it that Jaladhi appeared from the ear wax of Rudra Shiva.

Importance of Amla or Gooseberry in Hinduism – Story of Hunter, Amla and Hindu God Vishnu

Amla, or gooseberry, is of great significance in Hinduism. Amla fruit is very dear to Hindu God Vishnu and its use on the auspicious day of Ekadashi brings unmatched virtue. It is said that a person who regularly eats Amla enjoys a long life. There is an interesting story in the Padma Purana that narrates the importance of Gooseberry.
Once upon a time a man was hunting in the forest. On that day he got very much interested in hunting and ventured into deep forest. He was so merged in hunting that he did not realize that he had lost his food packet.

On that day he killed a couple of animals and birds and decided to take them to the market. After walking for sometime he felt hungry and then he realized that he had lost his food packet.
He then saw an Amla tree with a small murti of Lord Vishnu below. He climbed up the tree and plucked some amla leaves and fruits and showered it on the Vishnu Murti below.
He then ate amla fruits and slept atop the tree for a while. In his sleep, he f…

Sai Baba Live Darshan - Online Live Aarti and Darshan from Shirdi Sai Baba Temple

Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust, Shirdi, is offering live webcasting from the SamadhiTemple and Dwarkamai. The Sai Baba Live Darshan of SamadhiTemple is from 0400 hrs to 2315 India Standard Time. The live darshan of Dwarkamai is from 0500 hrs to 2220 India Standard Time. You can also watch Aarti Live Too during the specific period.
Follow this link for the live darshan from SamadhiTemple.
Follow this link for the live darshan from Dwarkamai.
The official website updates about all technical problems faced during live darshan.


MumbaiSiddhivianayakTemple Live Darshan
Kashi Vishwanath Mandir Online Darshan

Dnyaneshwari Teachings on Humility and Pride

Because he lacks pride a man of knowledge does not like to be equated with anybody and he feels awkward if burdened with greatness and honour. He feels nervous by praise or honour or if one openly applauds his worthiness. He does not let greatness to be showered on him. He feels distressed even by obeisance from others. Lest his greatness increase in public eyes he pretends to be a simpleton, hiding his wisdom. Ignoring his greatness he deliberately goes around as if he is a mad person. (13:185 192).

He detests fame and does not like discussing Shastras. He prefers to sit quietly and he strongly wishes that people should ignore him and relatives should not worry about him. His actions are generally such that they will instil humility in him and appearance of being insignificant. He prefers to live in such a way that people ignore his existence. He moves around in such a light-footed manner that people wonder whether he is really walking or is being carried around by wind. He prays th…