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Story of Jambul Fruit and Draupadi

The story of Jambul fruit happens during the 13-year exile of the Pandavas in the Mahabharata. Draupadi, the wife of Pandavas, once saw an unusually big Jambul fruit on a tree. A Saint had already reserved that fruit so that he could break his fast of 12 years with it. Unknowingly, Draupadi plucked the fruit. Sri Krishna who happened to see this told Draupadi about the Saint and that he might curse Draupadi and Pandavas. Draupadi then asked Sri Krishna for a solution. Sri Krishna told her that if she is hiding a truth from her husbands and if she reveals it, then the fruit will go back to its original position. Draupadi then went to the five Pandava brothers and told them that I love five of you but there is a sixth one I admire and regret not marrying. Karna, the son of Charioteer and the ally of Duryodhana. During her Swayamvar (marriage), Draupadi had not allowed Karna to take part in the competition citing his caste and lineage. Charioteer Radha had found Karna

Which Day To Wear Gomed? - Birthstone Gomed Day

As per Hindu astrology and auspicious stone related studies there is a specific day to wear a particular gemstone or Navratna or birthstone. The day to wear Gomed is Saturday or Wednesday. This is the day suggested by majority of astrologers and texts that deal with birthstones. As the stone is associated with Rahu – the day most auspicious for the planet is Saturday and Wednesday.

Hessonite Wearing Mantra – Mantra To Be Chanted While Wearing Hessonite Ring

There is a mantra to be chanted while wearing Hessonite ring as per Hindu astrology and navratna studies. It should be chanted before wearing Hessonite ring. The Hessonite wearing mantra is Om  Bhraang Bhreeng Bhraung Sah Rahve Namah . The mantra is dedicated to Rahu or dragon’s head. Hessonite should be used with Ashtadatu or combination of eight metals. It will help in attaining wealth, name, fame, honor and good health. Chanting the mantra and wearing the Hessonite ring will help in curing skin and heart related diseases.

Duration Of Remedies And Fasting In Hindu Astrology

Many people have doubts regarding how long show dosha remedies and fast associated with bad planets in horoscope. As per most astrological texts duration of majority of remedies is 40 days. All types of pujas, yagyas, and mantra japa start giving results after 40 to 43 days. That is why all these remedies are performed for 43 days. If the problem is serious then the remedies should be performed in specific intervals. Gemstones, crystals, Yantra, rudraksha all start giving good results after 43 days. During the 43 days there should be no break in the puja and rituals.

Siddhi and Riddhi – the wives of Hindu God Ganesha – The Story of How Ganesh Got Married?

In some Hindu cultures, Hindu God Ganesh is considered to be a bachelor. But there are some cultures in which he is a family man. Siddhi and Riddhi are the wives of Hindu God Ganesha. There is an interesting story which narrates how Ganesh Got Married. As Ganesha had an elephant-head no girl was ready to marry him. While all other gods had a consort he did not have one and this angered Ganesha. He started creating problems in the marriages of Devas (demigods). He asked rats to dig up holes on the path through which wedding procession of any Deva would go to the bride’s house. The Devas faced innumerable problems in their weddings. Fed up with the activities of Ganesha, the Devas complained to Brahma, who agreed to solve the problem. To please Ganesha, Brahma created two beautiful women named Riddhi (wealth and prosperity) and Siddhi (intellectual and spiritual powers). Brahma gave them in marriage to Ganesha. From that day onwards whoever pleases Ganesha also

Brahma Paribartan During Nabakalebara – Changing the soul of Lord Jagannath's Present Murti

Brahma Paribartan during Nabakalebara 2015 was held during the midnight of June 15 – June 16, 2015. Brahma Paribartan is the changing of the soul from the old Lord Jagannath murti to the new murti. The change of Brahma takes place at midnight. No one is allowed to watch the ritual. In fact electricity is cut during the ceremony in the city of Puri. The ritual takes place in pitch darkness. During the Brahma Paribartan, the old Pati Mohapatra priest of the temple shifts the Brahma from old idol to the new ones. After Brahma Paribartan, the new idols get ‘lives’ and are adorned with Pata Bastra and gold ornaments known as Saptabharan or Banaklagi 'Brahma Paribartan' is the most important ritual of Nabakalebara Festival which is being held after a gap of 19 years. Brahma Paribartan of Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra, Devi Subhadra and Sudarshan were held on the mid night of June 15. The old idols of the Lords will be buried inside the Koeli Baikuntha within the

What if Birthstone – Navratna – Gemstone is broken or develops a crack? – Is it good omen or bad?

Breaking of birthstone or Navratna or gemstone is considered a bad omen in Hindu astrology. A broken or cracked birthstone should be discarded. As per astrology, a cracked stone indicates that the bad planet or period is very powerful. Various other methods should be attempted to overcome the influence of the bad planet. But if the stone was worn for desire fulfillment then crack on it indicates that the desire will not be fulfilled with the particular stone. You will need to look for a more powerful option.

Aslesha Nakshatra Male Characteristics – Ashlesha Birth Star Born Male Character

One of the most important characteristics of Aslesha Nakshatra born male is that they will know how to get their things done. Another important character of the birth star is that they will have deep knowledge of a subject. Other Aslesha Nakshatra male Characteristics are given below: Good communication skill. Courage to indulge in many activities. Will give prime importance to morality. Will be short tempered Might not remember people who had helped them. Will be proud of their physical strength. Will have healthy children. Will be of supportive nature. Spouse will be from a rich family

Pushya Nakshatra Male Characteristics – Pushya Birth Star Born Male Character

One of the most important characteristics of Pushya Nakshatra born male is that they will be religious. Another important character of the birth star is that they will be highly intelligent. Other Pushya Nakshatra male Characteristics are given below: Will respect teachers. Will be devotional Will be highly optimistic. Will show courage to face tense situations. Keen interest in science and arts Will be a good debater. Will help relatives. Good in handling wealth Will have independent opinion.

Punarvasu Nakshatra Male Characteristics – Punarvasu Birth Star Born Male Character

One of the most important characteristics of Punarvasu Nakshatra born male is that they will always put on a happy face. Another important character of the birth star is that they will be kind and humble. Other Punarvasu Nakshatra male Characteristics are given below: Will try to put a brave face during adversity. Will be interested in spiritual matters Will have respect for parents and elders. Will have good healthy children. Keen interest in charity and helping others. Interest in art and music. Might not make quick decisions.

Yogini Ekadasi Vrat Katha – Story associated with Yogini Ekadashi

Yogini Ekadasi is observed during the waning phase of moon in the month of June or July. The story associated with Yogini Ekadashi was told to Yudhisthira by Lord Krishna. Legend has it that Kuvera, the King of Alakapuri, was a devotee of Lord Shiva and his gardener Hema Mali , a Yaksha, provided the flowers for the daily Shiva puja performed by the king. Hema used to collects flowers from the Manasarovar Lake and used to provide it to the King. Hema had a beautiful wife named Visalakshi and he was very attached to her. One day, Hema forgot to provide the flowers for the daily Shiv puja of the king and instead he stayed with his wife. The king send a messenger to find out why he did not receive the flowers for puja and discovered that Hema was spending time with his wife instead of collecting flowers. Hema was immediately summoned to the court. He pleaded for forgiveness. But the king cursed Hema that he will be afflicted with white leprosy. He was cursed for