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Pingleshwar Mahadev – Pingaleshwar form of Shiva

Pingleshwar Mahadev is worshipped in Varanasi, Ujjain, Gujarat and Assam. Pingaleshwar form of Shiva is associated with the Pingala nadi associated with Kundalini and Muladhara Chakra. This form of Shiva is also associated with Yoga.
Pingleshwar Mahadev is also one of the 84 Mahadevs worshipped in Ujjain.

The temple dedicated to Pingleshwar Mahadev is located in the Pingleshwar locality in Ujjain.
There is also another belief that Pingleshwar Shivling is one that was worshipped by Pingal a Shiva Gana. This belief is prominent in Varanasi.

Shukra – The Story How Shukra Got the Power to Bring Prosperity

Shukra Navgraha is believed to bring prosperity. This particular planet in astrology is also associated with intuition and creative thought. Certain position of Shukra in one’s horoscope is believed to usher in wealth, prosperity and luck. There is an interesting story in the Puranas that mentions how Shukra got to power to bring prosperity.

The name given to Shukra by his parents, Sage Bhrigu and Puloma, was Kavya. He is also known as Ushanas. But his most popular name is Shukracharya – the guru of Demons or Asuras.

From young age Kavya was obsessed with immortality and to attain it he decided to learn the Sanjivani Vidya, the science to resurrect the dead.

His Guru Gautama said that only Shiva could teach him the Sanjivani Vidya. To attain the mantra he started performing intense austerities. But he was unable to impress Shiva. Finally, he hung himself by the feet over a huge burning fire pit and started meditating on Shiva.

Finally, Shiva relented and appeared before Kavya. He th…

Official Website of Tirupati Balaji Temple is being Redesigned

The official website of the TirupatiBalajiTemple dedicated to Lord Venkateshwara is being redesigned. The redesigned website will provide all the necessary information regarding the temple. It will also have details regarding the number of devotees visiting the shrine. The New Indian Express writes  The project would address the problems faced by the existing site www. and provide comprehensive information on TTD, the Lord, vedas, puranas, temple culture, employees, recruitment, daily prasadam sale, accommodation, purchases, charity works, projects and information on other temples among others. Also, information on religion, moral values, poets, saints and modern age writers would be present.  The TTD said panchangam would be available on the TTD site. The Executive Officer D Sambasiva Rao said the TTD panchangam is being broadcast via Internet, after considering the requests from devotees. “Very rare photographs will be uploaded on the site. The devotees can also get th…

Thoughts by Kripacharya on Destiny and Hard Work from Mahabharata

All men are subjected to and governed by these two forces, destiny and hard work. There is nothing higher than these two.
Our acts do not become successful in consequence of destiny alone, nor of hard work alone. Success springs from the union of the two.
All purposes, high and low, are dependent on a union of those two. In the whole world, it is through these two that men are seen to act as also to abstain. What result is produced by the clouds pouring on a mountain? What results are not produced by them pouring upon a cultivated field?
Hard work without destiny and destiny without hard work are both fruitless! If the rains properly moisten a well-tilled soil, the seed produces great results. This is how we humans achieve success.
Hard work succeeds with the aid of destiny. Similarly destiny can bring success only with the help of hard work.
The hard work even of a competent man, even when well directed, without the help of destiny, will not be fruitful.
Among men, those are id…