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Mastering of the senses is the true path to knowledge – Mahabharata

Men are confounded by the darkness of anger and delight. Bound down by many different kind of nooses, they are not content with their own riches. Because of desire and ignorance, they repeatedly come under Yama’s control. They are like ones without eyes being led by ones without eyes and are borne by their own deeds. There is only one path followed by learned ones. When one sees it, one overcomes death. Such a great person does not become attached.
A man who has not controlled his soul cannot know the Supreme Being.
All rituals and pujas are ineffective if one cannot control the mind and restrain the senses.
Unwavering renunciation of senses, steady abandonment of desire, and constant avoidance of violence is mark of true knowledge.
Mastering of the senses is the true path to knowledge.