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Nag Koop Yatra in Varanasi on Nag Panchami Day

Nag Koop Yatra is annually held on the Shravan Shukla Paksha Panchami – the fifth day during the waxing phase of moon. It is the Nag Panchami day. Nag Koop Yatra 2018 date is August 15.
Nag Koop is located near the Nawapura or Daranagar area near the famous KashiVishwanathTemple in Varanasi.
On the day, prayers are offered here by those suffering Kalsarp Yog. It is believed that all those people having horoscope related problems due to nagas like Kalsarp yog will find relief.

Swami Teunram ji Maharaj Jayanti

Swami Teunram ji Maharaj (1887 – 1943) was a great saint and philosopher of Sindh. In 2018, Swami Teunram ji Maharaj Jayanti is on July 3. It is the 131st birth anniversary of the pious soul.
Swami Teunram ji Maharaj childhood was filled with spiritual values. From teenage onwards he dedicated his life seva, satsang and meditation. During this period with his friends and students he formed the Prem Prakash Mandal. The group was engaged in Vedic teachings and service to all living beings.
In 1920, Swamji reached Tando Adam and created here a center for learning and spreading the values of Sanatana Dharma. He built the Amrapur Asthan here.
Swamiji has written his thoughts in ‘Shri Prem Prakash Granth’ – a poetic composition full of wisdom. Another popular book is ‘Dialogue between Nachiketa and Yamraj’ in prose.
Swamiji merged with the supreme truth in 1943.

Why Hindus Worship Fire – Agni? – Importance of Fire or Agni in Hinduism

Fire or Agni is one of the important gods in Hinduism. Agni is widely mentioned in the Vedas. The most widely accepted belief is that it is Agni who carries the offering made by human beings to the gods. All the offerings made in a yajna are carried to the gods by Agni. It is again the fire god who brings down the blessing of the gods.
As per the Vedas, Agni has three forms – sun, lightning and fire on earth.
Rig Veda states that Sun deposits its luster with Agni before setting and Agni returns it in the morning. This is also one reason why a lamp is lit in the morning and evening in Hindu homes.
It is believed in Hinduism that the visible God is Sun (Surya) and fire is His representative on Earth. This is the reason Agni is invoked during all prayers from birth to death of a living being in Hindu Religion. When Agni is the witness to any event there is purity to that event; because Agni purifies whatever it touches.
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Why is Milk Abhishekam Performed in Palani Murugan Temple?

Paal abhishekam or pouring of milk on the murti (idol) of Muruga is an important ritual in all Murugan Temples. The ritual has its origin in the PalaniMurugaTemple. But why is the milk abhishekam performed?

The murti worshipped at the PalaniMuruganTemple is believed to have been created by Siddhar Bogar from nine poisons (Nava Bashanam). He mixed nine deadly poisons and created a medicine which could cure all diseases of Kali Yuga (the present era). But the medicine could not be taken directly. So Siddhar created the murti of Muruga out of the medicine.
To extract the medicine from the murti, milk abhishekam is performed. The milk poured on the murti absorbs medicine. It then contains medicinal properties. The milk is then collected by devotees.

Hindu Mantra for Curing Cancer Text in Hindi and English

There is a mantra in Hindu religion that is chanted for curing serious disease like cancer. The mantra is created by adding two syllable before the famous Gayatri mantra. The mantra is given below in Hindi and English.

Om Hrim Om Bhur Bhuvah Svah Tat Savitur Varenyam Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat
If you find the above mantra to be long or uncomfortable. Then you can also chant the mantra ‘Om Namah Shviaya.’ This can be chanted daily as many number of times.
The best cure to cancer is to realize that you are not the body. Chant the mantra and try to realize this supreme truth.

Mudiya Purnima in Braj – Mudiya Puno

Mudiya Purnima, popularly known as Mudiya Puno, is observed in Braj (Vrindavan) on Guru Purnima day. Mudiya Purnima 2018 date is July 27. Mudiya refers to the shaving of heads that the Vaishnavas performed in mourning after the tiro bhav (death) of Sanatan Goswami.

The main ritual includes Parikrama of Giriraj - Govardhan (walking around the mountain). Bathing in Manasa Ganga and visiting temple and holy spots including Mukharavind and Danghati are part of the annual ritual.
Srila Sanatan Goswami the most important Goswami of Vrindavan. He is believed to have disappeared from earth on Guru Purnima day.
Mudiya Purnima Parikrama was started by Sanatan Goswami.
A 5-day fair (mela) and festival is held during the period which begins on Ashada Navami day (July 2). More than five million people participate in the holy events during period.

Garuda Purana in Hindi – Download Garuda Puran Text in Hindi in pdf for free

One of the most important Puranas, Garuda Purana in Hindi in pdf is provided by Vedpuram website. Garuda Purana is one of the Sattvika Puran and was first narrated by the Garuda, the Vahana of Bhagvan Vishnu. The Hindi text version of the Purana contains all the chapters and is in pdf format. You can download it for free. You can also read the Purana online.
Garuda Purana narrates the glory of Vishnu and contains chapters like observing Vratas and on rituals dedicated to the dead.
You can download the Purana here – Garuda Purana in Hindi