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Story of Goddess Lakshmi – As daughter of Sage Bhrigu

Puranas mention Sage Bhrigu as father of Goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of wealth, fortune and auspiciousness. Some Puranas suggest that Lakshmi is the daughter of Varuna, the sea god. The most widely accepted belief is that Goddess Lakshmi appeared during the Samdura Manthan or Churning of Ocean. Here is the story of Goddess Lakshmi as the daughter of Sage Bhrigu as found in the Puranas. 
The three worlds – heaven, earth and netherworld – existed in peace. To teach the inhabitants of the three worlds the secrets and mysteries of the universe, Brahma created seven mind-born sons and taught them the Vedas. They traveled around the three worlds and narrated the Vedas that was revealed to them by Brahma.

The seven mind-born sons of Brahma continued their divine work. The seventh son, Sage Bhrigu, wanted to know will wisdom satisfy hunger. 
The other six sons invoked Goddess Saraswati and gained enlightenment. But Sage Bhrigu wanted to find what satisfies hunger.
Sage Bhrigu set out t…

Kavadias Trek from Haridwar to Augharnath Temple in Meerut in Uttar Pradesh in Shravan Month

In the Shravan Month (July 28 to August 26, 2018), more than 100,000 Shiva devotees trek from Haridwar and Rishikesh to AugharnathTemple in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. The devotees known as Kavadias or Kanwarias carry holy Ganga water from Haridwar, Rishikesh and Gomukh to bath the Shivling in the AugharnathTemple.
The pilgrims travel on foot and in vehicles. They are known to play loud music and chant Bol Bom.
Shravan month is an auspicious month dedicated to Shiva. It is believed that offering Ganga water to cool Shiva in this month is highly auspicious.
The name Kanwarias because they carry a pole called ‘Kanwar’ on their shoulders and pots with Ganga Water hang from the two sides of the pole.
AugharnathTemple is one of the oldest Shiva temples in Meerut. It is also known as Kaili Paltan Mandir. Shiva is worshiped in the form of Shivling here.

The Medicine Mountain That Hanuman Carried In Ramayana

Hanuman flying with the mountain containing the Sanjivani herb is one of the permanently etched scenes in the readers from the Ramayana. It is widely believed that the mountain Hanuman carried to save the life of Lakshman was sliced from the DunagiriMountain in Uttarakhand. A gash can be seen in the mountain, near DunagiriVillage, which gives a feel that the mountain was sliced.

Hanuman came to Dunagiri searching for the Sanjivani, but he could not spot right plant, so he flew with a part of DunagiriMountain. Even today, the slopes of Dunagiri contain innumerable medicinal herbs and is noted for its floral and faunal diversity.
As Hanuman was flying with the mountain, clumps of the mountain fell at numerous places. Sacred groves appeared at the places where the chunk fell. Several holy groves like the Maruthuva Malai in Tamil Nadu are believed to have formed from the chunks that fell from DunagiriMountain.
Nanda Devi, the presiding deity of the region, was not happy with Hanuman’s a…

Yoga Vasishta – Few lines of Wisdom

Just as fire born out of wind (fanned into a flame) is extinguished by the same wind, so also that which is born of imagination is destroyed by imagination itself.
The mind has come into existence through this (imagination) on account of forgetfulness. Like the experience of one’s own death in a dream it ceases to exist when scrutinized.
The idea of Self in what is not the Self is due to incorrect understanding.
The idea of reality in what is unreal, O Rama, know that to be the mind (chittam).
‘This is he’, ‘I am this’, ‘That is mine’, such (ideas) constitute the mind; it disappears when one ponders over these false ideas.
It is the nature of the mind to accept certain things and to reject others; this is bondage, nothing else.
Yoga Vasishta