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Choolai Angalamman Temple Information - Timing and Contact Address of Choolai Angalamman Temple in Chennai

Goddess Angalamman and Kashi Vishwanatha Swami Temple is located at Choolai area of Chennai. The main deity in the temple is Goddess Angalamman who is depicted in a sitting posture with left leg folded and child Pavadairayan in the right leg. The murti holds lance and kapala in the left hands and Udukai and Kathi are held in the right hands. She also depicts Abhaya and Varada postures. There is a separate shrine dedicated to Shiva as Kashi Vishwanatha Swami. There are also shrines in the complex dedicated to Pavaidaraya, Ganesha and Veerabhadra. It is believed that wishes of those praying for children, early marriage and removal of evil forces are fulfilled here. Angalamman is the family deity of many families. Such families perform tonsure and ear piercing ceremony at the temple. The most important day in the temple is the Amavasi or the no moon day. The temple festival is held in the Maasi month after Amavasya. Choolai Angalamman Temple Time

Can Hindu Woman Light Funeral Pyre of Her Father or Mother? YES

Yes, Hindu Woman can light funeral pyre of her father or mother. Because it is clearly mentioned in the Vedas, the holiest scripture of Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism or Hindu Religion), that there should be no discrimination – not only among human beings but among all living beings. First mantra of the Isha Upanishad of Shukla Yajur Veda extols the equality of not just all human beings but of all living beings. Ishavasyam Idam Sarvam Yat Kim Cha Jagatyam Jagat Tena Tyaktena bhunjitha, ma gradha kasyasvid dhanam Know that all this whatever moves in this moving world is enveloped by God. Therefore find your enjoyment in renunciation, do not covet what belongs to others.  Gandhiji Explained this first mantra of Isha Upanishad like this: Since God pervades everything, nothing belongs to you, not even your own body. God is the undisputed unchallengeable Master of everything you possess. If it is universal brotherhood – not only brotherhood of all human beings but of all living thin

Story Of The Birth Of Goddess Parvati On Earth To Be Wife Of Shiva

Story of the birth of Goddess Parvati is found in the Puranas and Mother Goddess appeared on earth to restore the balance in universe. The tumults in the universe were the result of Shiva entering into deep meditation after the self immolation of Goddess Sati. There was no creation. Everything came to a standstill. To revive creation and restore balance in the universe Mother Goddess Shakti appeared again as Goddess Parvati. Legend has it that Himavan, the king of the mountains, once performed intense austerities to fulfill the desire that Mother Goddess should be born as his daughter. He performed the tapas for several years and one day went to take bath in the Padmatheertha (Lake) in the Himalayas . There he saw a very huge lotus with thousands of petals. Middle of the lotus was a new born who was happily playing. Himavan went into the lake and took up the new born. It was a girl child with a divine aura. Himavan showed the child to his wife Mena Devi who w

How to Reach Thirupampuram Temple? – Thirupampuram Temple Route with map

Thirupampuram Temple is a famous shrine associated with Rahu and Ketu Navgrahas. Here is the detail explanation with map and route on how to reach the Thirupampuram Temple . Thirupampuram Temple is located about 3 km from Karkaththi, which is west of Kollumangudi on the Kumbakonam – Karaikal Road . Devotees can reach Thirupampuram temple by buses plying from Kumbakonam to Kaaraikaal via Kollumangudi to reach Karkaththi. One can take mini bus from Kollumangudi or Peralam to reach the temple. Kollumangudi/Peralam is at the intersection of Mayiladuthurai – Thiruvarur road and Kumbakonam – Karaikal Road . The temple can easily be accessed from Mayiladuthurai, Thiruvarur, Kumbakonam or Karaikal. Thirupampuram Temple is situated between the famous Navagraha temples of Thirunallar and Thirunageswaram.

Thirupampuram Temple Timings – Opening and Closing Time at Rahu Ketu Pamburanathar Temple at Thirupampuram

Pamburanathar Temple at Thirupampuram Village is a famous Rahu and Ketu temple. The temple timings is given below. Please note the opening and closing time is extended during the Raghu Kethu Peyarchi Festival. Morning Opening Time at Thirupampuram Temple Darshan starts at 6:00 AM Temple closes after morning puja at 12:00 PM Evening Opening Time at Thirupampuram Temple Darshan starts at 5:00 PM Temple closes after evening puja at 8:30 P Detail Puja Timings 6:00 AM – Vishwaroopa Darshan 9:00 AM - Kalasandhi Pooja 12:00 PM - Uchikkalam Pooja – Noon Puja 5:00 PM - Sayaratchai Pooja 8:30 PM - Ardha Jama Pooja Extended time during Rahu Ketu Peyrachi or Transition

Sakambari Alankaram of Goddess Kanaka Durga – Shakambari Alankaram at Kanaka Durga Temple

Sakambari Alankaram is performed in the Jyeshta and Ashada Month in the famous Vijayawada Kanaka Durga Temple . Goddess Shakambari or Shakumbhari Devi is the bearer of greens or the Goddess who feeds the hungry with vegetables. In the Sakambari Alankaram the murti Goddess Kanaka Durga is adorned with bangles and vegetables. Legend has it that Goddess Shakambari Devi is an incarnation of Goddess Durga. She appeared as Shakambari Devi after a dry period of hundred years. She brought forth from her body fruits, flowers, vegetables and herbs to suffice the hunger of the people. This legend is mentioned in Devi Mahatmya.

About Goddess Pattini – Kannaki in Sri Lanka

Goddess Pattini (Kannaki) is worshipped by both Tamil Hindus and Sinhala Buddhists. As per the legend, Kannaki is the heroine of famous Tamil poem Silappathikaram - the Epic of the Anklet. The story has it that Kannagi’s husband Kovalan was unjustly put to death by the ruler of Madurai for stealing the anklet of the queen. Kannagi proves the innocence of her husband at the court and in anger sets the entire Madurai city on fire. She then leaves the Madurai city. Kannagi then reaches Sri Lanka and cools herself down. Here She came to be known as Goddess Pattini. Indian Express reports  In May and June every year, Tamil Hindus of the Eastern province in Sri Lanka begin a 15-day marriage ceremony with a tug of war. It is followed by a symbolic marriage of their revered goddess Kannaki as they dress up a tree trunk in a sari, and marry it off, as if it were someone’s daughter.   Buddhists and the Hindus in Sri Lanka have been oblivious to each other’s rituals. A significant num

Mantra of Teen Mukhi Rudraksha – Mantra to Be Chanted while wearing Three-Faced Rudraksh

The mantra to be chanted while wearing Teen mukhi rudraksha is dedicated to Agni Bhagvan – the Hindu god of fire. The mantra is considered highly helpful in overcoming numerous diseases. Mantra of Teen Mukhi Rudraksha is You can chant this mantra to overcome various diseases. It is also suggested for improving intelligence and agility.