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Meena Rashi Rudraksha – Which Rudraksha Should Meena Rashi Born People Wear?

Meena Rashi born people should wear Rudraksh with three or five faces. Wearing of which will bring in all round success to Meena Rashi or Aquarius Zodiac. Each Rashi born people as per Hindu Astrology should wear a particular face Rudraksha for success, love, peace and prosperity.
The deity associated with three face Rudraksh is Agni
The deity associated with five face Rudraksha is Shiva
Those wearing three face will also have the blessings of Mangal Grah. Similarly those wearing five face will also be blessed by Shukra or Brishaspati.
Along with wearing of the Rudraksh one should practice self control, worship of personal deity and good thoughts.
Performing food donation and distributing clothes after the wearing the Rurdraksh is highly meritorious for Meena Rashi People.
It is believed that wearing the above said Rudrakshas by a Meena Rashi person will remove all worries and problems. And it ushers in peace and prosperity.

Chikka Tirupathi Contact Information – Address and Phone Number of Chikka Tirupathi Temple

ChikkaTirupathiTemple is dedicated to Prasanna Venkataramana Swamy and it is believed that visiting the temple is equal to visiting the famous Tirupati Balaji temple. Below is the contact information of the temple including address and phone numbers. Please note that these are information provided by temple authorities. Whenever there is a change, the authorities rarely update the info. So we will not be able to provide the up to date information always.
Chikka Tirupathi Contact Information Executive Officer,
Chikka Thirupathi,
Malur Taluk,
Kolar District.
Pin – 563130
Chikka Tirupathi Phone Number 91-8151-238623
958151-238623 (For Local dialing)

Which is the current year in Kannada Calendar in Telengana and Karnataka?

The current year in Kannada Calendar followed in Karnataka in India is 1939. It is the Shalivahana Shaka Era 1939. As per Kannada Panchang the name of the current year is the Hevilambinama Samvatsara.
The current year began on March 28, 2017 and will end on March 17, 2018. The New Year in Karnataka is known as Ugadi.
The calendar followed in Karnataka is the traditional lunar calendar. A month begins after Amavasya or no moon day and ends with the next Amavasya.

Nine obstacles on the path of Yoga

The Nine obstacles on the path of Yoga are known as Antaraya. Sage Patanjali mentioned the nine obstacles in the path of Yoga in the Yogasutra (1.30). They are:

Illness of body and mind. Lack of interest or drive – this is due to depression, disappointment, reverses in life, etc. Doubt the potential of the yoga practices. Failure to attain steadiness. Impertinence and negligence. Laziness. Strong desire or constant yearning for enjoyment of pleasure experiences. Misleading thoughts. Failure to maintain steadiness.