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Real success means experiencing internal progress – Dadi Janki

Real success means experiencing internal progress.
I need to be a mother to my mind, teaching it to think the right kind of thoughts. Even when everything is going well, I need to train the mind. Taking one positive thought every day and spending time with it brings good results. This training makes the mind obedient at the time of need and allows me to be positive even in the most negative situations.
When we don’t achieve success immediately, we sometimes get tempted to opt for a short cut. Although we might achieve something temporarily, in the long run it won’t be beneficial and sometimes has the opposite effect to the one we desire.
Whenever I am faced with a situation that I feel is too big for me to tackle, I need to take a step back and loot at it from a different angle. I need to have faith in my inner strength and remember that every situation has something to teach me, if I am willing to learn from it. Only when I have the faith and pushy myself to achieve will I be able…