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Navadurga Stotram in pdf – Prayers Dedicated to Navdurga in Hindi in pdf

Navadurga Stotram is the prayer dedicated to the nine forms of Goddess Durga worshipped during Navratri. Below is the prayers dedicated to Navdurga in Hindi in pdf. The prayers are chanted on all days of Navratri by devotees.
The popular belief is that chanting the prayer helps in attaining peace and prosperity. It is also chanted for good health.

Link - Navadurga Stotram in pdf

Vishwabhuja Gauri – About Goddess Vishwa Bhuja Gouri

Vishwabhuja Gauri is a manifestation of Goddess Shakti. Bhuja means hands. Vishwa means the world. As per devotees, Vishwa Bhuja Gouri is the Goddess who extends support to devotees like a mother. Her hands encompass the entire universe. She provides blessings to all her devotees who follow Dharma.
The same hands that bless and protect will also rise against those who follow Adharma.
Temple dedicated to Vishwabhuja Gauri is found in Varanasi. It is located near Dharam Koop and the VishalakshiDeviTemple.

The most important festival dedicated to Vishwabhuja Gauri is the Navarti (September – October).

Kaivalya Upanishad Quotes

He is Brahma, He is Shiva, He is Indra, He is the Immutable, the Supreme, the Self-luminous, He alone is Vishnu, He is Prana, He is Time and Fire, He is the Moon.
He alone is all that was, and all that will be, the Eternal; knowing Him, one transcends death; there is no other way to freedom.
Seeing the Atman in all beings, and all beings in the Atman, one attains the highest Brahman – not by any other means
With his self thus deluded by Maya or ignorance, it is he who identifies himself with the body and does all sorts of things. In the waking state it is he (the Jiva) who attains satisfaction through the varied objects of enjoyment, such as women, food, drink, etc.

In the dream-state that Jiva feels pleasure and pain in a sphere of existence created by his own Maya or ignorance. During the state of profound sleep, when everything is dissolved (into their causal state), he is overpowered by non-manifestation and comes to exist in his form of Bliss. Kaivalya Upanishad