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Pisacha Concept in Hindu Tradition – Pishacha Badha

Pisacha are a group of beings who haunt human beings. When an individual commits suicide under emotional stress, or when the death is untimely or by accident, that individual lives, according to popular belief, in the unearthly form of a pisacha of the same gender for some period.
Pishacha Badha in folklore happens when a Pisacha enters a human body and creating troubles.
As per Hindu tradition and stories, Pisachas have supernatural powers, they have revengeful attitude and can assume any form.
It is widely believed that Pisacha have reddish and fire emitting eyes, distorted ears, turned feet and can change their size from big to small. Among the Pisacha the most dangerous are Raktapisacha (blood sucking) and Mohini (nymphomaniac).
It is believed that they feed on flesh and wine and remnant of corpses in a cremation ground.
They live in forests, dilapidated buildings, and ruined temples and in lonely and deserted places.
Pisachas can be controlled by offering prayers to Durga, Cham…

Listen to Vaman Puran online in Hindi in mp3 Audio format

Vaman Puran is one among the most important Puranas and it narrates the stories associated with Vaman incarnation of Vishnu, creation and also stories of Shiva. Now you can listen to Vaman Puran in Hindi online for free. The audio is in mp3 format. Each chapter is in a separate audio file. There is no download option.
Vaman Puran is divided into two parts and there are 52 chapters in the first part and 40 chapters in the second part.
Link – Listen to Vaman Puran online in Hindi in mp3format

Mind Goes Into the State Of Bondage through Desires Alone – Yoga Vasishta

What could be done to overcome three states of the mind? O Rama, the mind goes into the state of bondage through desires alone and attains liberation as soon as it becomes free from desires. Therefore, quickly dispose of all desires of the mind with the help of discernment.
The mind becomes firmly bound by thinking that, ‘I am not Brahman and I am an individual soul’.
‘Everything is Brahman’ alone — by contemplating thus only, the mind definitely gets liberated.
The knower of Truth states that the enquiry into Self-knowledge is ‘knowledge’ itself. Like the sweetness in milk, the Brahman-to-be-known exists in that knowledge only. Yoga Vasishta

A collection of Quotes on Various topics in Yoga Vasishta