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Senapati Manifestation of Muruga

Senapati is one of the important forms of Muruga or Subrahmanya. In this form he is the commander of the armed forces of the Devas. When Muruga is worshipped as Senapati, he has six heads and twelve eyes. The murti has the brilliance of the sun.

Goddess Devasena is seated on the left lap of Senapati. One of the left arms of Muruga is around the waist of the Devi. The corresponding right holds a lotus.
The other hands hold Shoola, Khetaka, Vajra, Dhanus, Gada, Ghanta and Kukkuta. The hands are also in Abhaya and Varada posture.

Love that is not freely given is bondage – Swami Kriyananda

The secret of love is not making demands of each other.
Love that is not freely given is bondage.
In leadership, a garland of humility is more to be prized than any crown.
The secret of happiness is including other people’s happiness in one’s own.
A person who has no joy in his heart will find no joy outside, though he be in heaven itself, and in the company of angels. Swami Kriyananda