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Dada J P Vaswani on the Search Within

Pilgrimages there are many. But if I have not entered upon the interior pilgrimage, I have wasted the golden opportunity of the human birth.
Superficiality characterizes everything we do. We judge people by the clothes they wear and the cars they drive. We occupy our minds with what we would like to eat, what we would like to buy and what we could do to impress friends and neighbors. We have no time to think of the world within.
In the world within you will not find material treasures; not the wealth of this world – but untapped, undreamt resourced of wisdom, peace, joy, spiritual strength, creativity and healing power.

We emphasize speech, action and outward show; we forget that there is a far more valuable aspect to life called reflection, contemplation and introspection.  Dada J P Vaswani