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Goddess Gowmariamman

Gowmariamman is a unique form of Mother Goddess worshipped in many temples in Tamil Nadu. She is both fierce and benign form of Goddess Shakti. In some temples, Goddess Gowmariamman is considered to be one among the Sapta Matrikas. The Sapta Matrikas are Brahmani, Vaishnavi, Maheshwari, Kaumari, Varahi, Indrani and Chamundi.
Goddess Kaumari is the Gowmariamman in Tamil Culture.
The most popular temple dedicated to Goddess Gowmariamman is located at Theni in Tamil Nadu.
Goddess Gowmariamman is worshipped for finding relief from illnesses. She is also the protector of crops and live stocks. It is with her blessings children remain safe from all kinds of evil and diseases.

In some temples, Goddess Gowmariamman blesses couples who have no issues with children.

Ngaben – Hindu Cremation Ceremony In Bali, Indonesia

Ngaben is a unique Hindu cremation ceremony observed in Bali in Indonesia. On the day several cremations take place together – families that cannot afford the cost of the cremation ceremony share the day. Unlike Hinduism in India, the bodies are not cremated immediately after death in Bali. They are typically buried in a funeral and then placed in a temple facing the sea. The corpses are then retrieved three days before the Ngaben cremation, the date of which is decided upon by the community. Daily Mail reports  The ceremony, well known as Ngaben, is shared by mourners who could not afford to perform the ritual by themselves.  Ngaben, which means 'turn to ash', is considered the last and most important rite in the cycle of a Balinese Hindu life.  In Balinese culture, cremation is believed to free spirits from the burning bodies so they may reincarnate or return to heaven.  The corpses are placed in individual coffins and then in sarcophagi made of paper and wood which are bu…

Subhashita Teachings

Ascetics who angrily teach others not to lose their tempers is like penniless alchemists teaching others the secret of becoming rich.
There are three jewels on this earth, namely water, food and good sayings. Only fools call stone pieces jewels.
In the poisonous tree of life, there are two nectarine fruits. One of them is the tasty noble sayings and other is the company of noble people.
Kingship and knowledge are never equal to each other. A king is respected only in his own country, where as scholar is respected wherever he goes.
A student gains a quarter portion of knowledge from his teacher, a quarter of it from one’s own intelligence, a quarter from fellow students, and a quarter from time (experience). Subhashita