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He who is able to renounce all for God’s sake is a living God – Holy Mother Sarada Devi

Many think of God only after receiving blows from the world. But blessed indeed is he who can offer his mind, like a fresh flower, at the feet of the Lord from his very childhood. One should practice renunciation in youth. In old age the body deteriorates and loses strength. The mind does not possess vigour. Is it possible to do anything then? … Today the human body is, tomorrow it is not; even the shortest span of life is beset with pain and misery.

Everything is illusory—husband, wife, even this body. These are the great shackles of maya. Unless you can free yourself from these shackles you will never be able to cross to the other shore of the world. Attachment to the body, this identification of the self with the body, must go. What is this body, after all, my child? It is nothing but three pounds of ashes when it is cremated. However strong or beautiful this body may be, it ends up in those three pounds of ashes. Yet people are attached to it. What maya! Holy Mother Sarada Devi