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Kengal Hanuman Temple Channapatna – Kengal Anjaneya Hanuman Swami Temple in Karnataka

KengalHanumanTemple at Channapatna is famous for a wish fulfilling five-and-half-foot tall Hanuman Murti. The temple is also famous for a 45-foot mace, which is kept in the temple premises. Mace (Gada) is the favorite weapon of Hanuman.
The popular belief is that Kengal Hanuman murti worshipped in temple was consecrated by Sage Vyasa. The murti is Swayambhu.
Legend has it the area of the present day temple was part of a thick forest. Merchants used to rest in the area but were often attacked by a tiger. One night the tiger carried away an ox of a merchant group. They searched for a while but had to stop because of darkness. They decided to continue their search next morning. During that night the merchants had a dream in which Hanuman assured them that the ox will be safe. He also asked to build a temple for him in the area so that they will always be protected.
When the merchants went in search of the ox in the morning, they found it next to the tiger and th…

Taittiriya Upanishad – Valuable Knowledge

Tat (Brahman) having created entered into that very thing. And having entered there, It became the formed and the formless, the defined and the undefined, the sustaining and the non-sustaining, the sentient and the insentient, the true and the untrue. Truth became all this that there is. They call that (Brahman) Truth.
The person of Self-knowledge obtains sovereignty; he attains the lord of the mind; he becomes the ruler of speech, the ruler of eyes, the ruler of ears, the ruler of knowledge. Over and above all these he becomes Brahman, which is embodied in Akasha, which is identified with the gross and the subtle and has truth as its real nature, which revels in the vital forces, under whose possession the mind is a source of bliss, which is enriched with peace and is immortal.
The enlightened man is not afflicted by the remorse as to Why did I not perform good deeds, and why did I perform bad deeds? Taittiriya Upanishad