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Kengal Hanuman Temple Channapatna – Kengal Anjaneya Hanuman Swami Temple in Karnataka

Kengal Hanuman Temple at Channapatna is famous for a wish fulfilling five-and-half-foot tall Hanuman Murti. The temple is also famous for a 45-foot mace, which is kept in the temple premises. Mace (Gada) is the favorite weapon of Hanuman. The popular belief is that Kengal Hanuman murti worshipped in temple was consecrated by Sage Vyasa. The murti is Swayambhu. Origin Kengal Hanuman Temple Legend has it the area of the present day temple was part of a thick forest. Merchants used to rest in the area but were often attacked by a tiger. One night the tiger carried away an ox of a merchant group. They searched for a while but had to stop because of darkness. They decided to continue their search next morning. During that night the merchants had a dream in which Hanuman assured them that the ox will be safe. He also asked to build a temple for him in the area so that they will always be protected. When the merchants went in search of the ox in the morning, they