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About Ramayan Mandali in Mauritius

Ramayan Mandalis is the age-0ld tradition of group Ramayan Chanting which was very popular in many Indian cities. In India, it has become obsolete. But in Mauritius Ramayan Mandali is very popular thanks to the efforts made by Hindus there to save the tradition.
Times of India writes 
The mandali, comprising mainly youngsters in the age group of 6 to 30 years, has popularised Ramayan recital not only in the different cities of Mauritius but even in other countries.  
Group leader, Cullychurn Shreedanand shared, "Although the Hindus at Mauritius have maintained their traditions till date, but there was a time when we realised that our culture was in danger. The group was then formed named as 'Esperance Trebuchet Hindu Cultural Association' on the name of our village in Mauritius. The group is now 12 years old and around 500 Mauritian of North Indian origin are its members at present," informed Shreedanand. 
He further informed, "It is important for each member of our association to get acquainted with Ramayan and Ramacharitmanas. When a child reaches the age of two, we at our village familiarise the child with the epic through text and pictures. In fact, the children aged between 2 to 5 years have their own mandali, 'Ashok Vatika' while the mandali of children in the age group of 6 to 18 years is called 'Kalyug Ramayan Mandali.' These mandalis perform as and when the need arises. Indian classical vocal as well as instrumental music including the folklore are taught to children beyond the regular class room education".