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Pandarpur Yatra Route – The Road Taken During Pandharpur Waari

Pandarpur Yatra Route or the annual road taken for the 21-day pilgrimage known as Pandharpur Waari is unique, preplanned and followed for centuries. The annual Pandharpur Yatra to the famous Vithoba Temple at Pandarpur in Maharashtra from mainly from Dehu and Alandi near Pune attracts thousands of warkaris.  The yatra takes place in the month of (June – July).

Pandarpur Yatra Route

The Palki of Sant Tukaram Maharaj starts first from Dehu (around 34 km from Pune).

The next day the Palki of Sant Jnaneshwar Maharaj starts from Alandi.

Both palkis reach Pune and halts for a day.

Route followed by  Palki of Sant Jnaneshwar Maharaj

After a brief halt Sant Jnaneshwar Maharaj palki proceed to Pandharpur via Saswad – crossing the Nira River.

The pilgrimage reaches Lonand and thousands of devotees join the Waari here.

Then the Palki goes to Taradgaon, Barad, Phaltan, Natepute, Malsiras, Velapur, Shegaon and reaches Vakhari – the most important halt.

Route followed by Palki of Sant Tukaram Maharaj

From Pune the Palki heads towards Yavat - Baramati - Indapur (Ringat is performed here) - Bawada - Vakhari - Pandharpur

All Palkis reach at Vakhari two days before the Pandarpur Ashadi Ekadasi day.

Next day the Palkis head towards Pandarpur in an order set for centuries.

Sri Dnyaneshwar Palkhi Prasthan from Alandi to Pandharpur
Shri Sant Tukaram Maharaj Palki Prasthan from Dehu to Pandharpur