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Vyasa Gaddi at Naimisaranya – Sage Vyasa Divided Vedas into four and compiled 18 Puranas Here

Vyasa Gaddi at Naimisharanya forest is believed to be the holy spot where Sage Vyasa divided the Vedas into four and compiled 18 Puranas. Vyasa Gaddi is located around 90 km from Lucknow in Sitapur District of Uttar Pradesh.

Earlier the place located on the banks of Gomti River was a thick forest. Today there is only a small forest here. A small temple and a banyan tree stands at the place where Vyasa divided the Vedas.

Chakratirtha and Lalita Devi temple are located nearby. The place attracts thousands of devotees on Vyasa Purnima (Guru Purnima) in Ashada Month.

Recently Vedic Scholars from Chennai visited the place and performed yajnas, pujas and chanted the Vedas. You can read about it here in the Hindu.