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Hanuman and Shiva – The Story of Hanuman as Son of Shiva

There are numerous stories in Hindu tradition, which narrates the birth of Hanuman. Some stories are of the view that Hanuman is son of Shiva, some claim he is an avatar or incarnation of Shiva, some say he is amsha or manifestation of Shiva. This particular story suggests that Hanuman is the son of Shiva. Legend has it that Vishnu took the form of Mohini to distribute the Amrut, or elixir of life, that the Devas and Asuras received after the Samudra Manthan or Churning of ocean. Asuras and Devas started a fight over who will have the Amrut first. Mohini appeared to distribute the Amrut peacefully. Shiva who happened to know about the beauty of Mohini wanted to see it. Shiva was enamoured by the beauty of Mohini. Scintillating nature and the beauty of Mohini made Shiva spill his semen. The semen spilled was collected by Rishis in a leaf and deposited in the womb of Anjana – who was meditating on Shiva for a son. The modern name of this technique is Artificial insemination. P

Women in Ramayana – other than Mata Sita

Other than Mata Sita, there are numerous other characters in the Ramayana who stood for Dharma. These women sacrificed love like Urmila wife of Lakshman, sacrificed motherly love like Sumithra mother of Lakshman, stood against injustice like Mandodari who criticized her husband Ravana’s wrong doings, Trijata who defied orders that were evil and Sabari, personification of Bhakti. Aparna Garg, a student at Boston University , has written an inspiring article on these forgotten women in the Ramayana. She gives a short character sketch of Urmila, Sumithra, Mandodari, Trijata and Sabarai. You can read the article titled Forgotten Women of the Ramayana here at Hinduyuva magazine. 

Gautam Rishi on eight qualities that helps in achieving bliss on earth

Eight qualities told by Gautam Rishi to achieve bliss on earth. Kindness, compassion, pity and sympathy towards every living being. Forgiveness. No Jealousy. Purity – the state of being pure from outside and inside. Not to indulge in petty and meaningless. To think, wish and work for bliss, wellbeing and prosperity of all. Neither to be nor to show weakness and miserliness. Neither lust nor wish to possess whatever belonged to others. Gautam Rishi