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Spiritual and Religious Significance of Shivaratri

Shiva is the name and form given to the formless Brahman by us. Shiva is the knowledge which will helps us sail safely and peacefully through the turbulent waters of life. Shivaratri is the night dedicated to this formless Brahman – who took form for living beings. It is believed that Shiva appeared as ‘Lingodabhavamurti on the night of Shivaratri. It is a lingam in the form of fire which has neither a beginning nor an end. ‘Linga’ means ‘sign.’ And it is merely an attempt to capture the formless as we humans are obsessed with form.

Unlike other festivals associated with Hindu Religion, Shivaratri is a night dedicated largely to prayers and not to fun and celebrations. Festivals, fun and celebrations are momentary. They are like bubbles. But when Shiva is worshipped there is bliss all around and that bliss is of Brahman realization or self realization – the permanent happiness.

Each Hindu tradition has created a story for Shivaratri and you can read the numerous legends and stories associated with Shivaratri here in this article.