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Sampatkari Devi – About Goddess Sambathkari

Sampatkari Goddess, or Sambathkari Devi, is one among the numerous names of Goddess Shakti. Goddess Sambthkari is mentioned in the Lalitha Sahasranama. She is believed to have appeared from the ‘Pasham’ or rope held by Goddess Lalitha Devi. Goddess Shakti took the form of Goddess Lalitha to annihilate Bhandasura.
Sambathkari Devi led an army of elephants in the battle between Goddess Lalita Devi and Bhandasura.
Sambathkari Devi represents wealth. She is also propitiated for attaining sensual pleasures.
The popular belief is that those devotees who have the blessings of Goddess Lalitha will get Sambathkari Devi to serve them.