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Vedic Based Technology to Produce Energy from Space and Static Alternator –The concept Hidden in Vedas

Vedic technology to produce energy from space and Vedic technology based static alternator, which can produce power by using magnetic power, are developed by HS Sathischandra. NASA is currently studying about the technology to produce energy from space. Gujarat government recently signed a memorandum of understanding with Sathischandra’s organisation to set up the project based on Static alternator. Sathishchandra is the technical advisor to the United Nations (Energy) and the founder of Agrami Foundation. Daily News and Analysis reports The concept found hidden in Vedas “The concept of energy production using space was found hidden in coded form in all four Vedas of ancient India. When decoded, it revealed this concept which allows us to produce energy out of space,” he said. The main component of the revolutionary technology was found in Purushasukta where magnetic field converge into the conductor and the mass is conducted into energy and reused in the process of conduction. How to Produ…

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