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Malayalam Calendar 2012 Online – Download Kerala Calendar 2012 in PDF format

Malayalam Calendar 2012 followed in Kerala is provided by the Deepika Newspaper and Kerala Kaumudi in Kerala. The second calendar is that of Kerala Kaumudi is in pdf format. Last year Mathurbhumi had also provided their calendar online. The 2012 Malayalam calendar contains important festivals in Kerala and uses Malayalam language to mention Nakshatram and festival details. This Kerala calendar of 2012 of Deepika is not in pdf format. But you can save the webpage and use it.

You can visit the newspaper website and download it here - Deepika Malayalam Calendar 2012

Kerala Kaumudi Calendar 2012 in PDF format - You download it here at Kerala Kaumudi calendar 2012

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The best cure for all emotional blocks and negative feeling is love – Mata Amritanandamayi

Develop one-pointed love toward God. When that love becomes the center of your life and as the devotional practices become more and more intense, your vision changes. You come to understand that God dwells as pure consciousness in all beings, including you. As this experience becomes stronger and stronger, the love in you also grows until at last you become that. The love within you expands and embraces the entire universe with all its beings. This love removes all dryness from you. It is the best cure for all emotional blocks and negative feelings. Reasoning is necessary, but we should not let it swallow the faith in us. We should not allow the intellect to eat up our heart. Too much knowledge means nothing but a big ego. The ego is a burden and a big ego is a big burden. Real love arises only when all attachments to individuals, objects and personal interests drop away. Then the battle of life becomes a beautiful play. It becomes selfless service extended toward the entire human race …