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Kartikai Deepam Reason – Why do we observe Karthigai Deepam?

Kartikai Deepam is the lighting of lamps on the Krittika or Kartika Nakshataram day in Tamil Nadu and Kerala in Karthigai month. There are several reasons or stories behind observing Karthigai Deepam. A popular belief is that the day is the birthday of Lord Muruga. The lamps are also lit for a happy married life and for the well being of children in the family.

Kartikai Deepam and Lord Muruga Lord Muruga, also known as Skanda, Subrahamaniya and Kartik, was born as six different babies to Lord Shiva after he awoke from the deep meditation after Goddess Sati’s death. The six babies were looked after by the Six Krittika stars and the six children were later joined to a single force by Goddess Parvati. Krittika is the six starts or the Pleiades cluster – when Muruga joins them as a child they make seven stars. As Muruga was born as six different babies and later joined into one He is popularly known as Aarumugan in Tamil culture.

Lord Muruga as Kumaraguru Advising Lord Shiva Another leg…

Sri Ramana Maharshi Thoughts on Renunciation

Renunciation is in the mind. It does not depend on external objects or environment. 
A man may be in his village and family, and attending to his business and yet be detached in mind, whereas another may be in the forest, having left his family and given up his work and property and yet his mind may be attached to all that he has left behind physically. What is the use of going to the forest? 
You can leave your family and work behind, but your mind will go with you. You will only be exchanging the notion 'I am a householder' with the notion 'I am an ascetic', and in place of the old attachments, new ones will grow. What is needed is to renounce in the mind and retain only the notion 'I am', and not 'I am a householder' or 'I am an ascetic'.
The life of action need not to be renounced. If you will meditate one hour or two every day, you can then carry on your duties. If you meditate in the right manner, than the current of mind induced will cont…