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How to do a simple Hindu Puja at home?

Hinduism gives a devotee the freedom to perform prayers and pujas in the way the devotee wants – it can be simple or elaborate. Puja steps can be decided by the devotee. But there are several people who want to know about how to perform a simple puja at home as per Hindu religious traditions. Here is a guide to perform a small puja at home.This is only to give a general idea and you can always be flexible in Hindu pujas and prayers. First take a bath or perform self purification rituals.Choose a quiet and clean place to perform the puja.First pray to Lord Ganesha to help in the successful completion of the puja.Light a lamp and pray to the deity you are worshipping. Touch the feet of the idol or painting and take blessings. Offer flowers or light incense. Chant any shlokam or prayer you know.If you have a fruit offer it to the deity.Meditate for some time. Place some flowers or rice mixed with turmeric on the deity.If you have Bhasma or Sandalwood paste or kumkum apply it on the foreh…

Faith on Campus Video Contest for Students in United States

Faith on Campus Video Contest is an initiative by and newspaper Washington Post's On Faith feature. In the contest, you need to create a Video Entry on one of the three mentioned categories and submit via The video should be more than 30 seconds and not longer than 5 minutes. The first prize winner will get $2,500. The contest is open to students over 18 regardless of faith who are United States citizens.Videos must fall into one of these three categories:"Why I Am A _______ " (Hindu*, Buddhist*, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Atheist, etc.)
"How I Live My Faith On Campus"
"Rituals & Practices Of My Faith."(* In the original list Hinduism and Buddhism is not mentioned. No idea why Hindu religion is purposefully ignored when it is the third largest faith in the world and when the contest is open to all religions.)

How to observe Guruvar or Vrihaspativar Vrat? - Rules and Procedure of Thursday Fasting in Hinduism

Vrihaspativar Vrat, or Thursday fasting, is dedicated to Brihaspati, the Guru of Devas. Therefore Thurdsay is also known as Gurubar or Guruvar. Those people who believe in astrology offer pujas and observe a fast dedicated to Birhaspati, or Jupiter, for horoscope related reasons. Lord Vishnu is also worshipped on the day in many regions. Below are the rules and procedure of Thursday fasting.

Please note that Thursday, especially in Margashirsh month (November - December) , is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi in many regions and people observe Lakshmi Vrat and pujas on all Thursdays in the month.
The fast begins on Thursday morning and ends on the next day morning. A single meal is eaten on the day – usually in the afternoon or after puja. People usually eat yellow colored food or food prepared using ghee. In some regions the food is made of Chana Dal.
Yellow color clothes are worn on the day and yellow colored flowers are offered to Brihaspati.
Yellow is the favorite color of Lord Vishnu …