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Download Kannada Margashira Masa 2009 Panchangam for free

This particular Panchanga in Kannada for Margashira Masa or Margasira Month 2009 is provided by Narahari Sumadhwa. Margashira Masa 2009 as per the calendar followed in Karnataka began on November 17, 2009 and it will end on December 16, 2009. Margashira Masa is the ninth month in a traditional Hindu calendar followed in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.You can download the Panchanga in Kannada for Margashira Masa 2009 here.

Cowrie Shell Mala and Rosary – Cowrie Beads Mala

Cowrie shell mala, or Kauri bead necklace, is considered auspicious by Hindus and has a place in Hindu religious ceremonies and it is believed to represent Goddess Lakshmi. The Cowrie shell mala is offered to Goddess Lakshmi. And it is kept at home and worn for attaining wealth and prosperity. Japa (chanting) of mantras dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi with Cowrie beads is considered auspicious.People who possess cowries are believed to be blessed with love, luck and prosperity. The Cowrie mala is worn for financial stability.Cowries are part of Lakshmi Puja in many regionsCowrie shells are also used in making door hangings. The shells are also used in board games.
Cowrie necklaces are worn Banjara tribal women and cowries are stitched into the dresses by them as they represent Lakshmi, the Goddess of prosperity.Cowries are different from the usual Conch shell mala.

Bhagavad Gita on What One Thinks

And he who at the time of death, meditating on Me alone, goes forth, leaving the body, attains My Being: there is no doubt about this. Gita Chapter VIII verse 5Remembering whatever object, at the end, he leaves the body, that alone is reached by him, O son of Kunti, (because) of his constant thought of that object. Gita Chapter VIII verse 6
Therefore, at all times, constantly remember Me, and fight. With mind and intellect absorbed in Me, thou shalt doubtless come to Me. Gita Chapter VIII verse 7
With the mind not moving towards anything else, made steadfast by the method of habitual meditation, and dwelling on the Supreme, Resplendent Purusa, O son of Pritha, one goes to Him. Gita Chapter VIII verse 8
Bhagavad Gita