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About The Weavers Who Weave Sesha Vastrams for Tirupati Balaji

The five-meter-long white vastrams (dhoti) with a maroon color silk border worn by Lord Venkateswara at the TirupatiBalajiTemple in Tirumala on the first day of the annual Brahmotsavam is known as Sesha Vastrams or Eruvada Jodi Panchalu. This holy dress for Lord Balaji is prepared by a group of weavers at GadwalTown in Mahbubnagar District in Andhra Pradesh. The traditional loom used to weave the holy dress is only used for this purpose, The weavers perform special austerities and observe Vrata while weaving the dress, which is completed in six weeks.Brahmotsavam in TirupatiBalajiTemple coincides with the Navratri (September – October). S. Sandeep Kumar writes about this unique holy dress making in The HinduThe Konkathi family has been weaving ‘Sesha Vastrams’ for the past 10 generations, on a decree from the Gadwal royal family. Chief weaver K. Venkateswarlu makes the designs and all the five of them weave the vastrams on a traditional loom in their house. The loom is used only once …

Words of Wisdom – Swami Ramsukhdasji Maharaj

Contentment is the destroyer of all three - desires, anger and greed.If you desire happiness from your children, then serve your mother and father.Each and ever person if they improve, then this entire society will improve.Knowledge leads to freedom, but pride of knowledge leads one to hell.Those who progress spiritually, they naturally progress in worldly matters as well.Swami Ramsukhdasji Maharaj