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American Sanskrit Rock Band Shanti-Shanti presents new album Veda

Shanti Shanti, the only Sanskrit Rock Band in United States of America, has released a new album titled Veda: Selections of Sanskrit Chanting from the 4 Vedas. The album contains verses Rig, Sama, Yajur and Atharva Veda.Shanti Shanti is a unique family Rock Band - Sisters Andrea Devi Forman and Sara Anjuli Forman, their younger brother Micah Mahdev Forman and father Robert Henry Forman and mother Linda Forman are the performers.Veda: Selections of Sanskrit Chanting from the 4 Vedas consists of 11 tracks: Narayan Suktam (Yajur Veda)Shanti Mantra (Yajur Veda)Narayana Upanishad (Atharva Veda)Mantra Pushpam (Rig Veda)Sama Veda (selection) (Sama Veda)Upanishat Sarasamgraha (Atharva Veda)Raag Saraswati (Gandarva Veda)Sri Suktam (RigVeda)Shri Rudra Prashna (Yajur Veda)Ganesha Upanishad (Atharva Veda)Ayu Suktam (Atharva Veda)You can find more details about the Rock Band and Veda here.Veda: Selections of Sanskrit Chanting from the 4 Vedas (2008)
By Shanti Shanti
Price: $15.00

Automatic Drum and Bell Ringing Machine for Hindu Temples

The automatic drumming and bell ringing machines made exclusively for Hindu temples by RKS Metal Screens based in Coimbatore is today used in over thousands of temples around the world. The idea of the automatic drum and bell is the brainchild of Krushnaswami, the owner of RKS Metal Screens, who produced the first machine in 1980.Samanth Subramanian writes about the automatic drum and bell in LivemintThe simple machine consists of a metal frame with two bells, two cymbals, and a large drum. When switched on, a motor kicks clappers and drumsticks into operation. In perfect rhythm, the clappers ring on the bells and cymbals, and the drumsticks mark out a background tattoo.RKS Metal Screens sells around 300 units a month, many for export to Singapore, Indonesia, Canada, the UK and the US. It is in India, however, that the RKS auto drum bell has truly found fame. Despite competitors having sprung up over the last few years, the auto drum bell of choice remains RKS – ‘partly because ours w…

Dr Radhakrishnan on the Significance of Indian Thought

Though the world has changed considerably in its outward material aspect, means of communication, scientific inventions, etc., there has not been any great change in its inner spiritual side. The old faces of hunger and love, and the simple joys and fears of the heart, belong to the permanent stuff of human nature. The true interests of humanity, the deep passions of religion, and the great problems of philosophy have not been superseded as material things have been.Indian thought is a chapter of the history of the human mind, full of vital meaning for us. The ideas of the great thinkers are never obsolete. They animate the progress that seems to kill them. The most ancient fancies sometimes startle us by their strikingly modern character, for insight does not depend on modernity. Dr Radhakrishnan(Source: Preface to Indian Philosophy)