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MBX – When Mahabharata becomes a mixture of The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars

MBX is a new version of the epic Mahabharata from Virgin Comics, Perspective Studio and Grant Morrison (famous comic book writer). This blog had written about this project couple of months back but then it was not clear about the look and feel of the project. Now Grant Morrison in a very very long introduction explains in detail about the project. If you have the patience and interest then you can read it here at the official site. If not, in nutshell MBX will be a perfect amalgamation of The Lord of the Rings and the technology of Star Wars. But what all these foreign writers forget is that Hindu epics are not science fiction or mythology but history and a way of life of millions of Hindus. Unparalleled lessons are imparted in it and Hindus live by it. You can take a look at this teaser to get the feel of the 3D animation of MBX.

Places and Shops selling Eco-friendly Clay Ganesha Idols in Mumbai during Ganesh Chaturthi

Shadu or clay Ganesha idols are nature friendly but installing them at home is also the traditional method of celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi. If you are reading this post you must be already aware of the need to use eco-friendly clay Ganesh idols. Here are few shops in Mumbai that is selling eco-sensitive Vinayaka idols made by an NGO named eCoexist based in Pune. Shops in Mumbai selling eCoexist clay Ganesh idols: Bombay StoreDhoop crafts, Khar , 9322230788Ashlyn Jane, Khar, 0222 6001620Green Ways, Pedder Road, 09820562063Eco Corner, Worli 02224813450Manisha Gutman, Andheri, 09850084383Radhika Arora, Juhu, 09821017349
Culture Shop, Powai, 9322741705

New Book on the Women of the Mahabharata

‘Women of the Mahabharata, the Question of Truth’ by Chaturvedi Badrinath critically looks into the stories of twelve women in the epic Mahabharata. Each woman in the Mahabharata has a tale to tell and through it some valuable lessons are imparted provided you are ready to empathize with her. There is something more to each woman in the Mahabharata provided you are ready to look beyond the established narratives. Chaturvedi Badrinath provides new insight into the stories of Shakuntala, Savitri, Damayanti, Sulabha, Suvarchala, Uttara Disha, Madhavi, Kapoti, Draupadi, Anamika, Devyani, and Madhavi.The stories of some of these women are already well known but majority are unknown. From Orient Longman’s Flyer to the bookThe women of the Mahabharata are incarnate in the women of today. To read the stories of their relationships is to read the stories of our relationships. They demand from the men of today the same reflection on their perceptions, attitudes, and pretensions too, as they did…

Garuda Purana Quotes

Death is certain for those who are born, and birth is certain for the dead. This is inevitable and therefore a wise man should not grieve over it.
Nobody should form an excessive attachment to anybody; the body is only a dream, what then of other persons’?
As a traveler, taking resort in shade, rests awhile and then departs again; so is the coming together of beings.
The good things eaten in the morning are destroyed by evening; how can there be permanence in a body which is sustained by these foods? (Chapter 9)
The evil are ever prone to detect the faults of others, though they be as small as mustard seeds, and persistently shut their eyes against their own, though they be as large as Vilva fruit. Garuda Purana