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Mangala Gowri Puja Song or Shloka – Varava Kodi in Kannada

A special prayer known as Mangala Gowri Haadu or Varava Kodi is recited while performing the Mangala Gowri Vrata and Pooja. During the Sravana Mangala Gouri Puja in Karnataka there is a ritual of asking a boon to Goddess Gowri by women. The prayer or Mantra itself is in the form of asking the boon. The story narrated or listened to during the puja is also known as Mangala Gowri Haadu.
Varava Kodi Thayi, Varava Kodi
Varava Kodi Gowri Varava Kodi
Kattida Mangalya Karimani Gajima Balae
Sthiravagi Iruvantha
Varava Kodi
Arisina Kumukuma
Aralu Malligay Davana
Sthiravagi Mudivanta
Varava Kodi
Mahadi Maneya Mele
Jodu Thotila Katti
Jogula Haaduvantha Varava Kodi
Godana, Bhudana
Griha Dana
Kanya Dana
Maduvantha Varava Kodi
(Thanks to good friend Jayashree who send us the prayer: - you can also send us corrections or such prayers or unique festivals or observances in your region.)
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Sravana Mangala Gowri Puja Story

The various Vratas that are observed in Hinduism is based on a story. The general idea of the story remains the same but the characters and incidents change from region to region. This Shravana Mangala Gowri Vrata Katha is from Karnataka known as Mangala Gowri Haadu or Haddu. The shloka or song (prayer) narrated during the puja is also referred as Mangala Gouri Haadu.
Long long ago a boy who was studying under a guru went from house to house seeking alms. This was a tradition then and the Guru and shishya only took what was needed for the day. But strangely this boy refused alms given by the queen of the land and took alms from other women. The king and the queen of the land were staunch Shiva devotees but did not have any children.
The queen and the king discussed this strange incident and the next day, the queen again offered rice to the young boy. But the boy did not accept it.
The king came and asked why he was not taking the rice from the queen.
The boy said that the king and q…

Aitareya Aranyaka Quotes

He who knows more and more clearly, the self obtains fuller being. In plants and trees, sap only is seen, in animals only consciousness. The self is more and more clear in man for he is most endowed with intelligence. He knows tomorrow, he knows the world and what is not the world. By the mortal he desires the immortal, being thus endowed. As for animals, hunger and thirst comprise their knowledge. But this man is the sea, he is above the world. Whatever he reaches he desires to go beyond it.Aitareya Aranyaka (II. I.3)