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Download NDTV Imagine Ramayan Serial Title Song and Other Audio Tracks

The official website of NDTV Imagine television channel is now providing an opportunity to download the title theme song of Ramayan that is now being telecast. Apart from the title theme, you can also download wallpapers, a doha, songs like Sita Jay Mala. Pictures of Ram, Sita and the main episodes of the Ramayana serial can also be downloaded.Wallpapers, songs and pictures can be downloaded from this link. (link removed)
Update: It seems the songs have been removed from the official website and is now available in CDs and DVDs. It is copyrighted and not available for free download.

The Swan - A Poem by Sant Kabir

The man of God
Moves about in the world,
Yet stays pure like a swan.
From him flows the nectar
Of the immaculate Name,
And he always sings
The praises of the Lord.Within he dwells
On the celestial shores
Of the lake Manasovar;
His heart, detached from all else,
Remains absorbed
In the Lord's lotus feet.He never opens his beak
For anything but the pearls
Of divine love and grace;
He stays silent, or he speaks
In praise of the Lord.The crows of depravity
Cannot come near him;
Such a Swan, O friend,
Has realized his true Self.
He alone is dear to Him,
Who separates milk from water.Kabir