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Rounded Diya from Lladro

Diya, a small earthen lamp, is an indispensable aspect in all Hindu pujas. Realizing this Lladro, the world famous Spanish company noted for its porcelain figurines, has introduced Rounded Diya in its 2008 Spring Lladro figurines. The limited edition high quality porcelain Diya is priced at $175.

The 2008 spring Lladro collection also includes a Ganesha Diya – a diya with the head of Lord Ganesh. The diya is available online for purchase and in India it is available in select Lladro stores.

Surely the price of Lladro Rounded Diya is very high. It is a limited edition collectors item and is primarily meant for display and not for lighting.

Lladro had earlier released highly quality limited edition porcelain figurines like Bansuri Ganesha, Veena Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi. The limited editions were priced above $900.